Reflector – Time Tavel [bandcamp]

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We are the proud authors of the Album Cover

Photo taken at the blue’s bar in Paris a few years back

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25 Filmmaker Quotes

Sep 30, 2009 by Samantha Halfon · 25 Comments ·
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As filmmakers, we can show where a person’s mind goes, as opposed to theater, which is more to sit back and watch it. –Darren Aronofsky
You see so many movies… the younger people who are coming from MTV or who are coming from commercials and there’s no sense of film grammar. There’s no real sense of [...]

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iPhone Apps For Lighting Professionals

Sep 16, 2009 by Derrick Faw · 10 Comments ·
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I came across several applications for lighting professionals while researching our recent post iPhone Apps For Filmmakers. Lighting engineers can enjoy a full array of sophisticated apps to assist in their work.

PowerCalc by West Side Systems, LLC (Cost: $0.99)
(iPhone/iPod Touch, OS: 2.0 or later) Screenshots    
PowerCalc performs basic electrical power calculations with watts, volts, [...]

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iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

Sep 8, 2009 by Derrick Faw · 124 Comments ·
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One of the hottest commodities on the market today is the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is expected that Apple will have sold 80 million iPhones by 2012. The uses for this mini computer are growing everyday. Currently there is over 65,000 official applications available at iTunes for the iPhone. At the current growth [...]

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DV Shoot Equipment Shopping List

Sep 5, 2009 by Samantha Halfon · 3 Comments ·
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As I read the Down and Dirty DV Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide which I reviewed last week, I took notes regarding the equipment we shall need for our projects. I came up with a list of things to have and a number of notes for each item such as “what features to look [...]

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The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide

Aug 31, 2009 by Samantha Halfon · 4 Comments ·
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Desiring to move up from short videos to the documentary format we have been searching for a book that would layout the basics of documentary making. We found the Shut up and Shoot Documentary Guide on Amazon. It turned out to be the very book we were looking for. We both read it, from cover [...]

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