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As we launched this blog and our new site, less than two weeks ago, we decided our logo needed revamped. We also wanted to get some business cards to hand out while on location.

The logo is simply a graphical arrangement of the initials of the name: World Wide Angle. We use the natural symmetry of the ‘W’ and use the angle to insert the A. The fonts we used are Warren and Blake for that easily recognized ‘A’. As for the colors, we found ourselves with two options, black and white, the ‘cinema colors’ and a combination of dark and lighter blue. In the end, the conclusion we came to was that:

  1. black and white on the business cards would lead us to a very basic black and white design we felt we wanted to avoid.
  2. a combination of blues would lead us to a matching web page. Since so many websites, especially corporate ones, use blue already, we were also reluctant to create a blue logo.
  3. finally we realized that our logo, with the arrangement of ‘W’ and the unique font of the A was recognizable enough for us to change colors as see fit. Not restrain by the color picker anymore, we declined the logo in no less than 12 variations that we keep handy.

The business cards were then designed using a shade of blue and the site, after we tried several colors and designs, ended up with a black and white version of the logo and a colorful palette of dark grays, purples and even greens.

As for the business cards, we first drew them out on paper and realized we both wanted to make them vertical. That decided, the rest was pretty straightforward. We wanted few information to appear and leave space around the logo. We added a blue bar at the bottom to balance the logo on the top part. Then we decided we wanted to have a good looking back for the card. We agreed to use the logo and a faded in shape of the world map.

That done, we had to pick a printer. Checking out prices here and there, we decided to go with We downloaded the templates they offer and resized the composition to fit their predefined template and sent them on for printing. A few weeks later, we had received our cards. We really like the way they turned out, especially the logo ont he back. One thing was probably a miss though, the footer color and the font color we used are too close and, if they looked great on the screen, they are not so easy to read on paper. We’ll have to keep that in mind for the next order of business cards. in the meantime, if there is a way to visualize what a print turnout will be in advance, we are interested and your feedback is welcome.

One more thing, when we were in America, we checked out prices for business cards at Staples, and it was cheaper than vistaprint. Still, back in Europe, VistaPrint seemed like the best option.

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