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I am a “cinephile”, or a film buff or whatever you want to call it and I have been so for ten years now. I started out by going to the movies several times a weeks, then visiting the cinematheque to discover the old masterpieces. Luckily, my interests in movies was soon followed by the arrival of the DVD. Thanks to this great media, I have had no shortage of great movies to watch – always in their original version. So. watching Mean Streets and Carlito’s Way at least once a week, I ended up speaking a decent english. Oh yea, by the way, I am french. One thing leading to another, I got engaged to an American from North Carolina. Anyway…

At the same time I started watching movies, I also started making them. Luckily again,  around that time, computers available to the public were just starting to be powerful enough to handle video acquisition and editing. Because I started using computers to make videos, I became more and more of a geek, spending more and more time on the Internet as the price of the connection lowered. And following that road, I became a computing engineer. Currently, I work as a software engineer for blueKiwi software. But I have not stopped watching movies and directing videos using the name World Wide Angle as an artist alias for whatever me or Derrick would work on. But now, the time has come for us to launch and take our filmmaking the next step. We are ready to handle other people’s projects from start to finish including the filming, the post-production and the distribution whether it’d be on a physical media or on the Cloud.

Along with World Wide Angle, the company, we are launching this blog where I will write about editing, about the Internet and probably also about some of the movies we watch. Our intentions with this blog are to share some of the tricks we discovered along the way and hopefully to get some answers and advice from “our readers”.

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