The Camera Makes The Difference

Nov 26, 2008 by Derrick Faw · Leave a Comment ·
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Up until this fall we have shooting footage with a basic JVC Mini-DV camcorder. All and all, it served us very well as we were starting out filming artist and vernissages. Maybe by disaster or fortune, it finally bit the dust and forced us to invest in another camera. We had longed talk about needing a better camera and advancing in our work in video, so it did not take us long to decide we needed more of a professional camera. The big question for us was rather to make the switch to HD. After toiling over the question for weeks and hours of research the decision was conclusive that we invest in the best camera for the money we could spend and wait for the prices of HD cameras to become more reasonable. The primary reason we decided against HD was that a professional grade camera was out of our price range. We could of easily bought a lower end model, but none available appealed to our needs. Many people today are on the HD craze it seems but fail to realize that unless you distribute your media via Blu-ray disc there really isn’t any advantaged gained. We also had issues of features, accessories, and appearance. We wanted something to give us the most advantages when filming and also it had to look professional.

Canon GL2

So now we had to chose from several great DV cameras on the market, after many Google searches, reading reviews, eBay and Amazon watching, we finally we found the Canon GL2. It is a wonderful camera with excellent optics and processing. From everything I’ve read it has become the industry standard for professional video capturing, especially amongst documentary makers. There is no need for me to go into a lengthy discussion of all the specifications and features of this camera, as it can be found on dozens of websites. I will say though we are excited about this camera feel like our money was well spent, and most of all we are ready to put this thing to work!

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