Social Networking and the Film Industry

December 1, 2008 by Samantha Halfon · 1 Comment
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As we launch World Wide Angle and this blog, we’re officially entering a new world that we’ve been contemplating for a long time. We now hope to share working relationships with fellow filmmakers and also, simply, to share our passion for cinema with other “cinéphiles”.

I have used the Internet since 1996 and I instinctively rely on the Internet to search for and discuss information and also to meet people with whom I share specific interests. A few years ago, being part of a Bob Dylan listeners group, I enjoyed several hours of discussion about the man and his music and also started friendships that led me to travel around Europe to meet fellow BobCats. That was a few years before Facebook and the current wave of social network application but actually it was some kind of music related social network based on a chat room, emails, and media files sharing.

Of course, when all the so called Web 2.0 came around, I was an early adopter and I have accounts on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter among other networks. If these networks are the most famous in their category (professional, social and instant messaging social networks respectively) they are not cinema (or anything else) specific. But… recently, they all found their cinema centric equivalent.

KinoRezo, the LinkedIn of the movie industry

KinoRezo is currently in beta but it is possible to register. The site offers, like Linkedin, to create a profile, connect to people you are working with and that way extend your professional network. The site also references companies. Apart from these people and companies directories, the site offers news and more importantly job offers in the movie industry. The design and the ideas seems to be in place, I’ve experienced a few bugs trying to edit my profile (it seems like my session doesn’t stick) but I’ll be checking back and hope to make some connections there that could lead to some good working opportunities for World Wide Angle. Either way, I gladly welcome this application.

CineFriends, the Facebook for movie fans

CineFriends is brand new, it opened on friday last week (November 28th, 2008) and was developed by a movie fan who also runs the blog CineFeed. The application’s goal is to let you create a profile stating your movie tastes and then find and connect with people sharing the same interest in films. To make the whole thing more fun, the site also offer movie quizz, news and movies and actors profiles. I’ve just signed up for the site and created my profile but didn’t fill it up but from what I’ve seen the site looks and works good. Congratulations to the developer.

Cannes2008, Twitter for the film world

Recently I heard about Cannes2008, a social network created around the Cannes Film Festival that actually gather movie fans and movie professional from all around the world, mostly around the subject of… film festivals. The site itself is a social network based on Ning but what makes Cannes2008 a different project is the recently released iPhone application similar to Twitter. I’ve also created my account there and started visiting the site. Occasionally I also receive emails addressed to the whole community about announcements for festivals or movie gatherings.

If you are interested in Web 2.0 and this social networking tool wave, give these applications a chance. Hopefully, very soon, they will have enough users to acquire a real value, in the meantime, it’s fun anyway.

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If you know any other dedicated networks, please share them in the comments and, more than likely, we’ll meet you there!

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