Clz Movies

Did you ever come home with a new DVD, only to find out that you already owned it? Annoying isn't it? And costly too.

And did a friend ever ask if you have this or that movie... ... and you couldn't remember?

Movie Collector and this companion iPhone app Clz Movies can help you avoid embarrassing situations like this, in 3 easy steps:

1. First catalog your DVD collection with the Movie Collector software

2. Then export your collection list to the Clz Movies software on your iPhone or iPod Touch, including movie information, edition details and the DVD cover images.

3. Now just always take your iPhone or iPod Touch with you to the store, so that you can check which DVDs you already own and which ones are on your wishlist.

IMPORTANT: This Clz Movies application is an add-on for Movie Collector. You need the Windows edition of Movie Collector (version 6.2 or higher) to add data to your Clz Movies iPhone application. An update for the Mac edition of Movie Collector (version 3.0) will be released as soon as possible (ETA: August 2009).