LlamaSlate is a filmmaker's tool to help with the editorial process. LlamaSlate is a simplified digital version of a traditional "clapper board" or "slate", which is used to mark the beginning and end of every shot filmed.

LlamaSlate can also help you to sync multiple cameras easily.

What's New In This Version:

Lots more configurability, sound sets, and features to help make this much more usable by all filmmakers. The display cards are all now horizontal instead of vertical, so that all of the text and time displays fit on the screen better. It also fits on camera much nicer now.

Also, shot quality can be set for the end slate display.

This version adds "Production" and "Director" settings, as well as the ability to change their titles. If you want to use "Production" and "DP" or some other word, it's possible to do so.

Scene and take are now alphanumeric so that you can have Scene "32f" and Take "14a". There are buttons on the front of the app to easily change the take's number and letter value.

From the flipside, you can also enable "MOS" display, change the FPS, and enable Date/Time display, along with a large countdown. NOTE: Timecode displayed is approximate, since it is not currently possible with this app to connect to a timecode generator.

Also added are a few different sound sets: "Boops", "Claps", and "Tinks". It also will generate beeper noises if you have an iPod Touch, and do not have an external speaker hooked up.