MagicHour (formerly VelaClock) is a world clock that can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset, three kinds of twilight (civil, nautical, astronomical) for dawn and dusk, moonrise, moonset, duration of daylight, current phase of moon, date and times for the next four moon phases, countdown to the next sunrise or sunset and next moonrise or moonset, and more.

MagicHour's feature set makes it especially popular among photographers, enabling them to find the magic hour, the time of moonrise and the next full moon. "VelaClock [now MagicHour] is a must have application for any photographer with an iPhone." - Martin Bailey, Nature Photographer, Japan

MagicHour can display sun/moon information for: The feature of adding multiple user-defined locations is in development and will be available soon.

At a glance, MagicHour shows whether a city is currently in daylight, twilight or night. White text indicates daylight (sun is above horizon) and black text indicates night (sun is below horizon). A twilight indicator (a small colored rectangle) will appear to the right of the time when the city is in twilight.

The rows in the city list can optionally show a daylight bar that gives the user a picture of 24 hours of natural light (bright daylight, three kinds of twilight and night). The daylight bar (24 hours of light) may be centered at noon or current time. A thin white bar indicates when the moon is visible.

The detail area, below the list of cities, has three panels. A quick swipe of the finger will move between the three panels.

The date/time can be changed by tapping on the calendar icon in the toolbar. Incrementally move a day, an hour, a minute or a week in the future or the past. Arbitrarily jump to any date or time, years in the future or the past. Changing the date allows one to determine when a sunset or full moon will occur in the future or the past.

MagicHour does NOT require a network connection. Up to 50 cities may be added.