pCAM Film+Digital Calculator

A Motion Picture and Still Photography calculator for Directors of Photography, Photographers, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, VFX Supervisors, Script Supervisors, Gaffers, Grips, Editors, Production Designers, Art Directors, Film and Photography Students. Created by the same Hollywood Camera Assistant who created the widely used Palm version.

Calculates: Depth of Field - Hyperfocal - Splits/Aperture Finder - Field of View (Picture Sizes) - Field of View Preview (with images to size shots) - Angle of View - Exposure - Running Time to Length - Shooting to Screen Time - HMI (safe speeds and shutters) - Color Correction (choosing color correction filters) - Diopter - Macro - Time Lapse - Underwater Distance - Scene Illumination (beam intensity) - Light Coverage (width/distance) - Siemens Star (Focus chart).

Unlike other Photography apps because it has a graphical interface that is not only easy to use, but helps the user understand how each calculation is applied. This was also designed specifically for professional photographers and filmmakers and has the correct Still, HD Video and Motion Picture Camera manufacturer’s specs for Image Size and Circle of Confusion.

Features: Individual instructions can be accessed on each App page by touching the App's information "i" button.

A PDF version of the instruction manual is also available on the pCAM website.