Made for the guy shooting home video or the videographer shooting with their own camera.

As the professional video guy is pausing and starting his video camera, he's supposed to make notes for the starting and ending of cuts for later editing.

So think of this app as being a note pad application that is optimized for a very specific function.

He taps out on the numeric keypad the timecode (the time code is the position in the tape) he sees on his camera and hits a button on the iPhone that specifies this is a starting timecode. After he stops his camera he enters another timecode followed by a button that says this is the end of the clip. From there he can enter in some basic notations, notes like "Pretty song bird". There's also a shot #, which can by default increment itself but they should have the ability to over write it.

As the user does this, it will build a table which will have those data points (start/end/notes/shot#). At the end of all the shoot, he can press a button and export all the data in a comma delimited format (which means commas should be stripped out of any notes recorded) in the body of an email. It can create a CSV and attach it to an email. From there the body of the email can be saved out and entered into any professional video editing application that can accept a time code file.