time:calc is a time calculator that does conversions and calculations of time. It also works with timecode enabling calculations of frame rates for TV and film.

If you want to find out what 2 hours, 132 minutes and 223 seconds is then type in 2:132:223 and time:calc will give you back 4:15:43. Wow!

If the time is 10:36 and lunch is at 12:40, then type in 12:40:00 - 10:36:00 and time:calc will let you know you have exactly 2 hours and 4 minutes to go. Sensational!

Laugh in the face of complicated cooking times

Amaze your friends as you swiftly calculate the runtime of your DVD

If you work in TV then this could change your life forever

And you can have it right in your pocket, on your iPhone.