TimeCodeCal is the most flexible time / timecode calculator available. With it's user configurable frame rate from 1 to 100 frames per second, plus hexadecimal mode it is aimed at anyone performing time based calculations, from the casual user to professionals in the broadcast industry. The hex mode was included with developers in mind looking at memory dumps of data.

Frame Rates :

With a relaxed input method entering 12:99:12:48 in PAL mode becomes 13:39:13:23 at a touch of the equals button, or 1,228,848 (0x12C030) frames.

Operating Modes :- To support calculation of schedule times the calculator supports wrapping at 24 hours. With this mode active working the following example to calculate a programme start time from the end time :

End time = 00:05:00:00 Duration = 01:23:00:01

Entering 5:: - 1:23::1 =

Displays the result as : 22:41:59:24

Which is the same as 7500 frames minus 124501 is -117001 frames or 1 hour, 18 minutes and 1 frame before midnight.

To calculate a re-cue point for a playing item if it fails simply use the following formula

The time you wish to re-start the event - Event start time + Timecode in = The restart TC In.